You have been selected to be one of the first to join the ranks of Hunter Corp.  An organization dedicated to keeping both the supernatural and normal world safe through policing and rehabilitation.  Together we will solve crimes perpetrated by supernatural criminals, capture and rehabilitate them in one of three penitentiary planes. 

            This website will act as your guide book as you communicate with your collegues and upper management. You will have full access to any pending case files and be able to pursue each at your own pace, you will also be required to contribute semi-regularly to our cover organization the Grimoire.  An online publication which serves to inform the supernatural community and is seen by normals as a form of yellow journalism or tabloid production.  While any photographs or stories should be highly sensationalized it is important to get the facts right for any supernatural readership. 

            Your contact will be known to you only as Agent_One.  He or she will maintain communication via the Hunter Corp. employee portal.  They will be your guide through the supernatural landscape of Haven. Through them you can utilize the perks of being part of this organization such as  a 10% discount company card to the GrimVale Mall, or free Haven City library access which includes the largest occult collection of books in North America. 

           Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the first policing division of Hunter Corp.  We, the founders, have great hopes that this is a successful pilot project and hope that you’re able to work with Agent_One to ensure the safety of the normal and supernatural worlds. 


The Founders

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Hunter Corp. Employee Portal

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